Sarah Palin Sex Photo Scandal Explosion!!!

7 Jul 2010 by Evan, 3 Comments »

I try to steer clear of politics. However, I recently came upon an image which has the potential political impact of a hydrogen bomb! Where I acquired this very controversial dynamo of an image is not important. But what is important is that it involves former Governor and Fox News Pundit Sarah Palin taking part in one of the most debaucherous and depraved activities I have ever laid my eyes on.

Like many sexy scandals involving powerful politicians,¬† the elite media just aren’t willing to believe it’s true. Some have even disparaged this image as “stupid” and “a finger shaped like a butt in front of a picture of Sarah Palin you found on the internet.” But these detractors are just jealous. And jerks.

I, for one, had a long and hard debate with myself whether I should be the one to light this political sex firecracker. Why not leave this sizzling  scandal for the Brian Williams and Geraldo Riveras of the world? Why be so brave? But in the end, I just felt I had to step up and do what was right. And I would be willing to take whatever recourse or monetary compensation in the form of book deals or first-interview rights come my way for bringing this modern day Watergate to light.

In the coming days and weeks I’m sure there will be a lot of uncomfortable questions between children and parents as the curious minds of the innocent ponder “what is Governor Palin doing with that butt?”

I don’t know if there is any good answer to that.

Some people think she’s simply gawking with doe-eyed amazement at the rotund and cherub-like buttocks. While others think the butt is sitting directly on top of her head as a sort of squishy love hat. But whatever it is, she sure seems to be shamefully reveling in this naughty scandalous feast of flesh.

Meanwhile, everyday Americans like you will debate what should happen to Sarah Palin as a result of this damning hot sex potato. Speaking only for myself, I’m not quite ready to forgive Mrs. Palin for this notorious and shocking sexy butt photo scandal. Not yet. But in the end, her judgment is not up to me. It’s up to whoever’s butt this is that she decided to be all sexy and naughty with, and her God.

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